​​Euphoria Dance Centre

Danika graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in dance with emphasis on performance and choreography. She also trained at Phoenix School of Ballet and Ballet Arizona. After graduating, she joined the Desert Dance Theater of Phoenix, Arizona and later danced nationally with choreographers such as Bill Evans, and spent several years as a professional dancer with modern dance and ballet companies. She has served as Chair of the Dance Department at Pikes Peak Community College and Executive Director and Dance Director of the Bethel College Academy of Performing Arts. Bielek still attends dance workshops across the country as both student and teacher, finding new ways to move. Danika joined Barton Community College as the new Performing Arts Dance Instructor/Coordinator in 2017. She has avenues that she intends create a quality program that is accessible and welcoming to everyone. Her grounds for accomplishing this will be through her focus on those seeking a degree in dance, who may want to transfer to a university to continue studies in dance, or begin to dance professionally. She would also focus on dance education for those seeking to teach dance, whether at an educational institution or in a studio of their own. These students will have diverse experiences that cross into the worlds of music and theatre as well. Also available to this first audience is Barton Dance Theatre (BDT), the college’s resident student dance company, which Bielek hopes to build into an avenue for her students to take their education to the next level with live performances and a deeper study of the art form.She is actively recruiting for the fall semester and ample scholarship funds are available for those interested in enrolling in the dance program.

Free Master Classes

Wednesday, May 30th and Thursday, May 31st

Level 2 (12 + years old) 2:00-3:30pm

Level 1 (6-11 years old) 3:30-4:30pm