​​Euphoria Dance Centre

Classes are every Tuesday 5:15-6:00pm beginning on July 7th and ending on July 28th. The cost of the class is $40. This class is for beginning dancers ages 2-7.

Tiny Technique focuses on the basics of pre-ballet and tap. The dancers work on balance, coordination and flexibility. They learn turn taking skills as well as skills to follow directions. We begin each class with a fast pace cardio workout to warm up our muscles, then go into a deep stretch. Once our stretch routine is complete, we begin the technical training.

The first two weeks we focus on the position of the legs, feet, arms, hands and head at the barre and in the center. The dancers will leave this class with the knowledge of the five positions of ballet as well as beginning knowledge of the use of plie, releve, tendu, passe and much more!

The last two weeks we focus on beginner tap steps such as shuffle, falap, dig, and ball change. The dancers learn musicality skills and balance through tap technique. Tap shoes are not required.

Payment is due by Monday, July 6th. Please mail all check payments to Euphoria Dance Centre at 1912 Broadway in Great Bend, KS 67530, or use the online payment option that will come with your invoice. You will receive a welcome letter as well as an invoice via email for the class within 72 hours of receiving your sign up. All classes cannot be pro-rated and are non-refundable. A credit may be applied to your account at the owner's discretion for future dance classes at EDC, if for some reason your dancer has been enrolled and paid for, but cannot attend the classes.​

with Lindsay Homeier

Tiny Technique