Teen Dancer- Ellie Peters

Petite Dancer - Kayley Armendariz

Petite Dancer - Wyatt Mawhirter

Meet the

Company Dancers!

Teen Dancer - Marley Harris

Petite Dancer - Leighton Barker

Mini Dancer - Breana Mawhirter

Senior Dancer- Jessie Parkin


​​Euphoria Dance Centre

Teen Dancer- Rylee Ayon

Petite Dancer - Cali Woydziak

Teen Dancer- Kelci Popp

Junior Dancer - Ailey Scothorn

The Euphoria Dance Centre Company was established in 2012 and currently has 17 dancers on the team. These dancers compete at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels at various competitions with productions, large groups, small groups, trios, duets and solos. They attend 2-4 regional competitions and 1 national competition each year and travel throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa, Texas and Nebraska. Members of the Company practice 3+ hours per week and primarily train in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and acrobatics.

Junior Dancer- Abygail Arnold

Petite Dancer - Brynley Yarmer

Teen Dancer- Alyssa Habash

Mini Dancer - Ryleigh Smith

Company Dancers

Petite Dancer - Brooklynn Jackson

Petite Dancer - Sophia Bauer

Junior Dancer- Maycee Parr

Teen Dancer - Dru Penka