Ballet and Jazz Technique focuses on the basic positions in the styles of ballet and jazz. Level 1 starts off the class at the beginner level and progresses into an intermediate level throughout the month. Level 2 starts off the class at the intermediate level and progresses into the advanced level. The ages listed below for each level are an estimate for you to gage. If your dancer is new to dance, regardless of age, please enter him or her in Level 1.

These classes focus on placement of limbs, strength and control of the limbs, understanding of body movement, terminology, spatial awareness, and much more! Each dancer will be asked to write down three goals and what they need to do meet their goals at the start of the first class. At the conclusion of the final class, the dancers will be asked to write down if they feel they did or did not achieve their goals and why they feel that way. They will also be asked to write down three more goals to work towards on their own. This class will also focus on improv skills at the end of each session.

Payment is due by Monday, July 5th. Level 1 is $80 and Level 2 is $110.  Please mail all check payments to Euphoria Dance Centre at 1912 Broadway in Great Bend, KS 67530, or use the online payment option that will come with your invoice. If your enrollment went through, a screen will pop up to let you know it was successful. You will also receive an invoice via email for the class two weeks before classes begin. All classes cannot be pro-rated and are non-refundable. A credit may be applied to your account at the owner's discretion for future dance classes at EDC, if for some reason your dancer has been enrolled and paid for, but cannot attend the classes.​

Summer Ballet & Jazz Technique

​​Euphoria Dance Centre